The 19th

Hudson Harp Consort, Terrytown, NY

Mia Theodoratus and various harpists with M. E. on frame drums


The 11th

The Flats BK SpeedCoffee

308 Hooper street, Brooklyn, NY

Ingrid Laubrock, Ava Mendoza, Damon Smith + ME Quartet

set is approx. @ 10:30pm

The 13th

Abasement series

Max Fish, 120 Orchard street, NYC

Mia Theodoratus, Vladimir Luchansky + M. E. trio

set is at approx. 9:30-10pm


The Clinker


MESH (Michael Evans + Susan Hefner)

Curated by Viv Corrington



Nu Blu


Hans Tammen’s Third Eye Electric Band – featuring:

Hans Tammen -conducting:

Christian Amigo, Briggan Kraus, Josh Sinton, Sarah Manning, Michael Schumacher, Chuck Bettis, Lucas Collins, Joe Hertenstein, Izzy Ramkissoon + M. E.


The Glove

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Kevin Shea + M. E. percussion duet


Knockdown Center

Maspbeth, NY

Bradley Eros’ Optipus’ The Owl Flies at Twilight – featuring:

Projections in various formats by Bradley Eros, Lary Seven, Katherine Bauer, Rachel Guma, Genevieve H-K, Kenneth Zoran Curwood, Joel  Schlemowitz, Tim Geraghty, Sarah Halpern, Simon Liu, Alison Nguyen, Lily Jute Zheng, Antonio Kuo, Gil Arno, Scott Kiernan, Shona Masarin & Andrew Hurst.

Sound organized by Mia Theodoratus (strings), Michael Evans (percussion), Victoria Keddie (electronics), with: Richard Sylvarnes, Gabriel Guma, Rachel Guma, Zach Layton, Laura Ortman, David Grollman, Kevin Shea + Jake Nussbaum



Williamsburg, Brooklyn

FREAK – featuring:

Eli Dalibert, Shayna Dulberger + M. E.







Cambridge, MA.

An Evening with :

Damon Smith, Jeb Bishop, Steve Later + M. E.



Ridgewood, Brooklyn

DING2 – A Percussion Extravaganza


Skip LaPlante, Tim Spelios, Christine Bard, Jake Nusbaum, Kevin Shea, A Taylor Kuffner,
Pat Spadine + M. E.

Curated by David Weinstein


House Salon

Downtown Brooklyn

MESH (Michael Evans + Susan Hefner)

Round Square and Other Works DVD release party and performance



Issue Project Room

Downtown Brooklyn

Ensemble Of Seven – featuring:

Larry Seven, Masami Tomihisa, Patrick Holmes, Mia Theodoratus + M. E.



65 Fenimore

Bedford-Styverson, Brooklyn

Thomas Helton Trio – featuring:

Thomas Helton, Jamie Branch + M. E.


Rockways / Ft. Tilden, Brooklyn (outdoors, right next to the sand opposite the ocean)

Melissa Riker’s Secrets & Seawall Dance performance #2 – featuring:

The S + S Band: Katie Down, Helen Yee + M. E.




Greenpoint, Brooklyn

An Evening with Tony Buck + guests – featuring:

Tony Buck, Sean Meehan, Kevin Shea, Morgan Zwerlein + M. E.

Curated by David Watson


Downtown Music Gallery


Ghosts Of the Holy Ghost Spermic Brotherhood (GOTHgsb) – featuring:

David Grollman, Andy Haas + M. E.


Rockways / Ft. Tilden, Brooklyn (outdoors, right next to the sand opposite the ocean)

Melissa Riker’s Secrets & Seawall Dance performance #1 – featuring:

The S + S Band: Katie Down, Helen Yee + M. E.


Outdoor Festival (Rent Party Charity Series), Maplewood, N. J.

Heroes Of Toolik – featuring:

Evans Wohlforth, Ernie Brooks, Rick Becker + M. E



Abasement Series

Max Fish, Lower East-side, NYC

M. E. – S O L O percussion