“Chimney Sweeper”
Motorized brush on floor tom drum


“Chimney Sweeper”


“Reels and Snares”
Found object floor percussion instrument
36 x 32 x 3″, 2016


“Washing Machine Guts Drum”
With wood blocks, tin cans, and aluminum bowls
18 ½ “x 18 ½” x 10 ½”


Percussion arrangement


“Mini drums”
Floor percussion set-up with tin cans, miniature drums and cymbals, saw blade and bowls


“Disaster Recipe”
Wood, motor, metal pan and plastic egg


“Disaster Recipe”


“Bell Tree”
Cowbells, metal on stand
60”x 36” x 36”


“Rat-a-tat Tom”
Wood, fan motor, metal prong, kettle drum


Exposed 8-track player with fabric


Playable set for dancer and musician from “Round Square” performance piece